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The story of the nopal in the logo

My Nana had a saying, "No te olvides que naciste con un nopal en la frente." (Don't forget that you were born with a cactus on your forehead). It means don't forget who you are and where you come from. I commit to be grounded, remember my roots and never forget where I'm from.


The loss of Richard Eliás comes as our lives already feel turned upside down. With his sudden death, we have lost a true champion for Pima County. While we have no public opportunity to grieve or support one another, we are quickly approaching an April 6th election deadline that will not budge.  

With the support of Emily and Luz Eliás, and with great pride and sorrow, I announce my candidacy for Pima County Supervisor District 5. I never expected to be in this position, to stand up under these circumstances to protect all that Richard stood for and cared about.

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With your help, we must continue to fight for our shared progressive values and continue Richard's lasting legacy for our children and for our future. We must come together to protect our hard working families, our Sonoran Desert and our beloved Tucson. We cannot afford to lose our voice on the Pima County Board. I humbly ask for your support and help today, as we take this important step forward together.

Resist. Much love.


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