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As your District 5 representative on the Board of Supervisors I will focus on the 3 R’s:


I pledge to transition Pima County  to a safe, healthy and vibrant community that values inclusivity.

I pledge to work with small businesses and workers to aid in their transition to a strong local economy.

I pledge to increase greater preparedness and coordination among regional governments to protect us from future public health threats.

I pledge to protect our most vulnerable while working with community partners, neighboring jurisdictions and nations, non-profit organizations and businesses to work towards an improved economic outlook for Pima County.

I pledge to move Pima County towards more solar power and less reliance on fossil fuels. Tucson Unified was the first district to move towards all solar and with Pima County, we can expand solar and continue to reduce our carbon footprint as we use this time to help transition our local economy.

I pledge to fight for our district to ensure we receive our fair share of recovery funds from the federal and state government.

I pledge to work with our local school districts and Pima Community College to create apprentice programs to keep our best and brightest in Pima County and ensure that we have a skilled workforce ready to help when workers retire.

 My priorities for Pima County Moving forward

  1. Ensuring Pima County and Pima County Health Department is working collaboratively with our neighboring jurisdictions (city, town and tribal) so we can return safely to our normal way of life.  Safety will ensure our community can return to work, students can return to school, and encourage our economic rebound.

  2. Supporting expansion of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan which has worked to protect historical and cultural lands, critical habitats and desert environment which is an economic stimulus in addition to protecting our environment for future generations.

  3. Building a coordinated region-wide economic engine with all jurisdictions within the county.  We must work together in solidarity with our laborers, businesses and the education community.  Pima County will be fully functional and economically successful when together we get people back to work and keep local businesses open. 

  4. Expanding some services to a regional model for things like road repair and other infrastructure needs. 

  5. Working with our school districts, businesses, and local municipalities to create educational opportunities and job training and development to keep our best and brightest students in Pima County while providing opportunities for advancement into much needed vocations within our community.  

  6. Collaborating with small businesses and educational institutions to create opportunities to collaborate and grow after the negative impacts of prolonged closure.


Together we win!

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